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Factory Tour

Watch Us in Action!

Jiukai Special Cable (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has an annual production capacity of 100 million meters in PV solar cables and has more than 50 sets of advanced machining and testing equipment.

Jiukai cable has developed a long-term strategic cooperative relationship with our suppliers. All routine products are delivered within one week and customized products are delivered within two weeks.

Jiukai cable strictly implements the quality policy of "transmitting value with quality” and has passed ISO9001 certification. Quality traceability management has been established for all products.

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Jiukai Cable has domestic leading research and development ability in PV Solar Cables, as well as industry-advanced level in application of new materials, process controlling, production testing and project designing.

Since started, our core competing ability is always considered to be technology. Our technicians include 12 engineers, 2 technical leaders, 5 senior engineers. They all have over 6 years working experience in PV solar cable industry. We have a R&D center lab in PV solar cable, which is authorized by Fenxian District, Shanghai.

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